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Business Analysts to Watch in 2022

Bringing you some of the great minds in Business Analysis, from across the world…

Business Analysts to Watch in 2022

Connecting the Great Minds in Business Analysis from the World Over

We’re seeing an uptake in the practice of Business Analysis and a rise in demand of Business Analysis professionals! So, we brought together some of the great minds in Business Analysis from every corner of the world, to share their key insights for 2022.

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Business Analysts to Watch in 2022

Bola Adesope

Senior Consultant, Business Agility Deloitte

The world is changing and changing fast. In the last 2 years, the world in general has experienced a lot of changes. Changes in the way we work, changes in the way we relate, changes in the way we live and changes in the way we transact.   

While the core of Business Analysis still remains the same, the approach and focus of Business Analysis must evolve as the world is changing.   

Toronto, Canada

Georges Bryson

Instructor, McGill University

The evolution of business analysis professionals into expanding roles depends on a combination of digital skills, business acumen, and targeted knowledge to drive better business outcomes across all industries. 

The question is:  What is Trending in 2022 for professionals doing business analysis? The answer is …  IT DEPENDS

Quebec, Canada

Georgiana Mannion

BA Lead Portfolio APAC, Cushman & Wakefield

My trends: Playfulness and internally focused development. I’m creating a Business Analysis Centre of Excellence for their Asia Pacific countries for my client. It’s the opportunity for skills exchange, universal tools and techniques, development pathways, collaboration, and ultimately, increasing the status of the Business Analyst in an organisation.

Brisbane, Australia

Jamie Champagne

Business Analysis Professional Speaker and Trainer Champagne Collaborations, LLC

The world of tomorrow is more uncertain than ever, and the most successful Business Analysts are going to be the ones that embrace that uncertainty with excitement, a tool box full of ideas that adapt and flex and respond, and an enthusiasm to see OTHERS success as their own definition of being a successful business analyst.

Hawaii, United States

Jérémie Guay

Release Train Engineer (RTE) / Agile Program Manager, Bell

Being a business analyst is much more than the title.
The BABOK says it best, “A business analyst is any person who performs business analysis tasks described in the BABOK® Guide, no matter their job title or organizational role.”   
Don’t limit yourself to a job title.

Montreal, Quebec

Reydan Yaşar

BA Coach & Trainer, BA-Works Business Analysis Services

The earth struggles with many environmental problems, and organizations’ consciousness of these problems has increased.

Since we design products, solutions, services, and processes that change people's lives and the world, we have the chance to make an impact. Only being agile and product-centric will not be enough, we need to integrate sustainability viewpoint into the product design and development processes to increase the social value. 

Turkey, Istanbul

Karl Wiegers

Principal Consultant, Process Impact

As people look ahead to new trends in business analysis, they shouldn’t lose sight of established practices that we know work.  

Perhaps the most important lesson is that a usage-centric approach to requirements will meet customer needs better than a feature-centric approach. 

Oregon, United States

Ryland Leyton

Senior Business Analyst and Agile Coach Cognizant, Microsoft Business Group

In 2022 I’m intending to focus on these three things:  
1. Creating analysis plans that let you be transparent, visible, accountable, and collaborative with your project manager, key stakeholder/sponsor, and other team members.  
2. The use of visualizations & models, in particular the context diagram.   
3. Developing the consultative mindset practices of the Business Analysis professionals I work with. 

Dallas-Fort Worth, United States

Stefan Bossuwé

Business Consultant, Twistfare bvba

I sincerely hope that in 2022, business analysis can finally claim its rightful place in the business arena … even more than it has ever done before.  
The business analyst title or the concept of business analysis as a role or even a profession, will be more and more abandoned.

Antwerp, Belgium

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Agile Analysis

Agile methods and approaches have become prevalent in recent years. The ideas which were identified in the realm of software product development have spread beyond software development into many other areas that are impacted by business analysis. Adapt quicker to our fast-changing world and customer needs.

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Business Data Analytics

Business data analytics is a practice by which a specific set of techniques, competencies and procedures are applied to perform the continuous exploration, iteration, and investigation of past and current business data, for the purposes of obtaining insights about a business that can lead to improved decision-making.

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Cybersecurity Analysis

The role of business analysis in cybersecurity is becoming more common. Today’s business analysis professionals have an obligation to develop basic knowledge and competency in the effective use of cybersecurity tools and approaches to information and process management.

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Bringing you some of the great minds in Business Analysis, from across the world…