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Building Business Capability

Building Business Capability 2025 

June 9-12, 2025 
Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, Phoenix, AZ

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How to Convince Your Boss that Building Business Capability Is a Good Investment

Sometimes it's tough convincing the boss to let you spend time and money on a conference.  Here are some ideas that can help:

1. Show the Value

Explain how Building Business Capability is full of cutting-edge presentations, workshops and world-class expertise and education about Business Analysis, Digital Innovation, Business Strategy & Transformation, Business Architecture, Business Process, and Business Rules & Decisions toward the pursuit of business excellence. Let them know what you plan on attending and how it relates back to the business, goals of the organization and your personal professional goals.

2. Weigh up the time and cost vs the benefit  

If there’s one thing, we know that bosses understand, it’s the bottom line. Anything that impacts the money going in and out of a business, particularly in an ever-changing economy, can have repercussions for the whole workplace. Education in business is a long game. It may not have an immediate ROI but consider this: if you learn just one thing from that you can use to optimize the business, it’s already paying for itself.

3. Show the return on investment

Agree that if the boss will let you attend this multi-day conference, you will commit to improve (some KPI) / by (some percent) / in (some time frame) ... after you get back to work. If you can explain it to your boss in terms of the financial ROI, they’ll be more likely to consider you attending, or even going themselves! 

4. Highlight Some Specific Goals

This is where you get to put yourself on the line. Show your boss a list of your personal objectives. Include things like: 

  • Bring back three different ideas on how to solve our ______ situation. 
    Learn how others have approached their ______ situation. 
    Meet 10 people to add to my personal network who are knowledgeable about _____. 
    Identify the two technologies we should seriously consider in the next three months. 
    Go to three sessions that are outside my area, so I understand the Big Picture better. 
    Find no less than three tried-and-proven consultants who can help us.

PLUS! Send all this information in a LETTER TO YOUR BOSS.

Download a sample letter


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BBC is the official conference of the International Institute of Business Analysis. It is the only conference that provides insight into Business Analysis, Business Architecture, Business Process, Business Rules, Business Decisions, and Business Strategy & Transformation toward the pursuit of business excellence.

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