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Specialization in Product Ownership Analysis

Product Ownership Analysis empowers Business Analysis professionals with the standards, practices, techniques, and competencies to keep pace with the agile approach while creating value. 



Product Ownership Analysis - What You Need to Know

Guide to Product Ownership Analysis

As organizations transition from project-centric models to a product-centric view, it is important to understand how product ownership is evolving and how business analysis professionals can drive the delivery of successful products.

Key Features Include: 
  • Integrating product ownership and business analysis 
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities in product management 
  • Applying Agile and product ownership analysis 
  • More than 50 case study examples
  • Over 25 techniques for applying POA 

Uncover the framework, context, techniques, and competencies that can give you an advantage.  

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Introduction to Product Ownership Analysis

Product Ownership and Business Analysis

Successful Product Owners Need Business Analysis Skills

What is Product Ownership Analysis? Product Ownership Analysis is a discipline that can be used to assist teams in creating and delivering exceptional products and services for their customers. It empowers Business Analysis professionals with standards, practices, techniques and competencies to create value.​

According to IIBA’s 2020 Global Business Analysis Salary Survey, Business Analysis responsibilities including  process development, analysis, testing etc. support product ownership work. 

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Integrating Business Analysis and Product Ownership Analysis

Did you know:​

Respondents of IIBA’s Salary Survey indicated they are spending 31% of their time performing product owner related work. And 36% of respondents are looking to transition from a Business Analyst role to a Product Owner role.​

Gain more valuable insights in IIBA's infographic.​

IIBA Infographic

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Product Success Starts with Analysis

What makes Product Ownership so vital to the success of a product or service? What are the tools, techniques or processes that help a Product Owner? Are there business analysis competencies that can give you an advantage?

Learn more in this short overview video with Delvin Fletcher, President and CEO, IIBA® as he shares his insights.

Certificate in Product Ownership Analysis 

IIBA’s Product Ownership Analysis certification program recognizes the integration of Business Analysis and Product Ownership with an Agile mindset to maximizing value. The program provides the opportunity to acquire essential concepts needed to create successful products.


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Product Ownership Analysis

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Product Ownership Analysis

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