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Business Analysis in an Agile context maximizes business value delivery

Help your organization gain a competitive edge by accelerating product delivery with accurate and agile analysis at all levels of planning, in any business domain and many diverse business areas.

Agile Business Analysis focuses on better value alignment

One of the biggest challenges of a global organization is not only adapting to market demands but doing so in a way that advances new business lines, encourages customer-oriented collaboration, and promotes continuous improvement. Agile business analysis is the practice of business analysis in an agile context with an agile mindset. Agile business analysis can provide a competitive advantage in fast-paced and complex environments and has moved beyond software development initiatives to any business domain, at all levels of planning and in many diverse business areas.


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Now Available: Agile Extension to the BABOK Guide, Interactive Digital Edition

Developed in collaboration with the Agile Alliance, the Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide provides guidance in leveraging effective agile business analysis to create better business outcomes that add real business and customer value. Describes both the mindset and practices to help you use continuous feedback and quick learning to prioritize delivery, minimize waste, create better business outcomes and increase value delivered. Available as a pdf in the IIBA BOOK STORE or access online. Already a member? Login to access.

Agile Business Analysis Planning Horizons

strategy 1

Decisions that impact the entire organization

Business analysis practitioners operating at this horizon support decisions about strategy and the allocation of available resources in support of that strategy. Decisions made at the Strategy Horizon identify the products, services, and initiatives to which the organization allocates resources.​

initiative 2

Decisions that impact a particular initiative

Business analysis practitioners operating at this horizon support initiative based decisions about how to create value with the resources available, as well as better understanding the needs of the stakeholders and the options available.

delivery 3

Decisions made regarding the delivery of the solution

Business analysis practitioners operating at this horizon work with the delivery team to understand how to best break down work, how to deliver and test the value the team is creating, and how to learn quickly from the work the team is doing. ​

Agile Business Analysis Professional Development & Resources

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Agile Analysis Certification

Augment business analysis skills to perform analysis in an agile context and enable your organization to respond rapidly to market demands.


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Stimulate Continuous Learning

Stimulate continuous learning and improvement by gaining access to white papers, webinars, and a digital library of over 11,000 publications and more.

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Is your organization adopting agile practices and principles?​

IIBA Global Corporate Program can help build your core and agile analysis capabilities to enable you to:

1. Meet Customer Needs

Augment business analysis capability and better define your product with agile analysis to deliver the right outcome.

2. Increase Success Rate

Mitigate the risk of failed initiatives with agile analysis throughout the planning horizons.

3. Gain Competitive Advantage

Accelerate product delivery and be the first to market to gain market share.


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