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Unlocking Business Analysis Certification in 4 Simple Steps

Embark on your journey to becoming a certified business analysis professional with our streamlined approach. In just four simple steps, you'll navigate the path to certification success. From understanding the requirements to preparing for the exam, we've got you covered every step of the way. Don't let certification goals overwhelm you—let us guide you through the process efficiently and effectively.


Step 1:

Choose Your Certification

The core certification program consists of three levels, ECBA™, CCBA®, and CBAP® spanning from entry-level knowledge to expert-level of business analysis. Determine which level matches your interest, experience, and career goals to see which certification is best for you.

Once you choose your certification, certain certifications, such as CCBA® and CBAP® require professional development hours and other goals to be logged before you can register for the exam. Begin to log your hours at any time through the BA Development Log.

IIBA also offers specialized certifications in enhanced areas of business analysis including Cybersecurity Analysis (IIBA®-CCA), Agile Analysis (IIBA®-AAC), and Business Data Analytics (IIBA®-CBDA), and Certificate in Product Ownership Analysis (IIBA®-CPOA). 

Select the badge below for more details on each individual certification or browse all certifications.

aac-cert-badge   cbap-cert-badge   cbda-cert-badge    cca-cert-badge   ccba-cert-badge   cpoa-cert-badge-400x400.png  ecba-cert-badge


Step 2:

Learn About Your Certification Exam

Before you start preparing for your business analysis certification, ensure you understand the basics of what’s on the exam. Review the exam competencies, exam blueprint, and sample questions to see what’s covered and the type of questions that will be asked. While the same exact questions will not be on your exam, these sample questions will give you an understanding of what to expect on the certification exam.

Be sure to check out the IIBA exam information page for guidelines on all our certification exams and click on the certification badge below for each of the exam blueprints and sample questions.

aac-cert-badge   cbap-cert-badge   cbda-cert-badge  cca-cert-badge   ccba-cert-badge   cpoa-cert-badge-400x400.png  ecba-cert-badge  


Step 3:

Begin Preparing for Your Exam

Review the standards or bodies of knowledge that align with your certification. See BABOK® Guide for the core certifications, AGILE Extension to the BABOK® Guide for the Agile Analysis Certification and explore additional standards and resources.

IIBA endorses training providers globally to support the ongoing professional development of business analysis professionals. All IIBA endorsed training is aligned with best-practice standards including the BABOK® Guide for our core certifications and these providers offer comprehensive courses designed to prepare you for your certification exam.

For some certifications, such as Cybersecurity Analysis eLearning resources are available directly from IIBA which contains the necessary preparation for the IIBA®-CCA exam.


Step 4:

Register and Take Your Certification Exam

When you have acquired the skills and knowledge required for your desired certification, it’s time to take the exam. For the core certifications, start by paying the application and exam fees. For the specialized certifications just purchase the exam fee to get started. Then, you will begin the process of registering and scheduling your exam.

Visit our certification fees, FAQ’s and exam information pages to learn more about pricing, scheduling your exam, and what to expect before, during, and after your exam.

Click on a Badge below to get started!

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You Are Now Certified.

You did it! You earned your business analysis certification! You have joined a community of more than 16,000 business analysis professionals worldwide. You’ve achieved a globally recognized certification that will help you advance in your business analysis career.

Now, it’s time to show the world you mean business. Showcase your expertise with your digital badge from IIBA. Share and validate your certification achievements digitally your social media platforms and more!

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