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Want to Get Started in Business Analysis? Get Certified.


Many business analysis professionals are looking for ways to advance their career in 2020. There are a variety of ways to go about this, but the most direct way is to earn a professional business analysis certification. There are numerous reasons why business analysis professionals need certification. For example, certification validates an individual’s skill set, increases their salary, and helps to build their peer network. Put simply, certification boosts a business analysis professional’s career.

If you are unfamiliar with certification, choosing the right certificate program may be a challenge. The ideal certification to start with is IIBA’s Entry Certificate in Business Analysis.



The Benefits of Certification for Those Who Practice Business Analysis Include Higher Pay, Better Self-Confidence

The IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis covers foundational knowledge of how to approach business analysis according to the BABOK guide. This benefits those who practice good analysis since employers want to hire professionals whose analysis skills are verifiable and who possess the core knowledge and competencies the field of business analysis demands. Those holding a certification, such as the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis, are much more of a sure bet for employers than non-certified professionals.

Certified business analysis professionals not only have a competitive edge over their peers, but they also earn more money. In fact, individuals who hold one certification earn 11 percent more than those without a certification, and those who hold one or more certifications earn 14 percent more than average. Also, certifications like the ECBA can increase job satisfaction significantly. On average, 54 percent of certified business analysis professionals experience greater career satisfaction through higher confidence and job fulfillment. Furthermore, certification positions those who practice business analysis for promotion and boosts their self-confidence in the workplace. This is significant since 36 percent of these professionals think better confidence at work is the single most important benefit of certification.

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Why You Should Choose the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis

There are a growing number of professional certifications available to those with experience in business analysis. The Entry Certificate in Business Analysis should be a professional’s first choice of certification because it is applicable to a wide array of individuals. It is suitable for: 

  • Those starting a career in business analysis
  • New graduates
  • Individuals enrolled in a business analysis program 
  • Those in career transition
  • Functional managers who supervise business analysis professionals

Give Your Career the Boost It Needs with the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis 

Technology is constantly changing, as are business analysis roles. To remain relevant, business analysis professionals should consistently gain new skills, experience, and credentials. This won’t merely keep them relevant, but will also give their career and salary a boost.

If you are ready to start your business analysis career, IIBA’s Entry Certificate in Business Analysis is for you. Learn how to prepare for the certification exam by checking out Roadmap to Success for the ECBA.