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IIBA’s Corporate Program Turns 10 Years Old!

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IIBA Honours 10-Year Corporate Partners with Award Ceremony

The IIBA Corporate Awards Program celebrates organizations around the world who have demonstrated a commitment to supporting training and career development of their teams and have had a significant impact on the business analysis community.

IIBA’s Corporate Program Turns 10 Years Old!


Back in 2010 IIBA launched its Corporate Program with just over 30 companies from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the US. Ten years later the program has grown nearly sevenfold in 20 countries. The November 11th virtual awards recognized the first class of corporate members being recognized for their decade long commitment to the professional development of their teams, supporting the practice and the business analysis community.

IIBA’s 2020 10-Year Global Corporate Award recipients included:

  • ANZ, Australia 
  • Canadian Pacific Railway, Canada 
  • CNO Financial Group, USA 
  • Computershare Technology Services, Australia 
  • Deloitte, Canada  
  • Inland Revenue, New Zealand  
  • NTT Data, USA  
  • The Westpac Group, Australia 

IIBA also had an opportunity to honour Nedbank, a South African bank committed to creating value by using financial expertise to give back to their community, with IIBA’s Corporate Leadership Excellence in the Advancement of the Practice of Business Analysis Award recognizing Nedbank’s commitment to transforming business capabilities by adapting and optimizing their business analysis practice. Nedbank has demonstrated leadership excellence via volunteerism and providing sustainable training, certification, and career development opportunities for their business analysis professionals. You can learn more about Nedbank here

Maturing business analysis into a vibrant capability with consistent execution

Nedbank’s leadership actively supported establishing a Business Analysis Practice Centre to support Nedbank’s 300 business analysis professionals. Through their IIBA corporate membership, Nedbank built their BA framework and based their roles and career paths in alignment with IIBA global standards for the practice. Through their Business Analysis Practice Centre working with the business analysis community, the business analysts contributed in Nedbank’s ability to turn market constraints into strengths by leveraging fundamental business analysis skills, techniques and approaches using facilitation and collaboration to showcase the immediate value of business analysis to the entire organization.



The fun way we celebrated this important milestone during the pandemic was to include videos from the award recipients to share their thoughts on IIBA’s Corporate Program and what it has meant to their organizations. In addition to celebrating these outstanding organizations, attendees also heard from Delvin Fletcher, IIBA President and CEO, who spoke about Business Analysis in the New Decade - the state of business analysis and the future of the practice. Here’s a link to view the recording.  


Going from starting up the Corporate Program to where we are today has called for forward thinking and collaboration. Together, we have the same goal of advancing the practice of business analysis and providing a strong career path for business analysis professionals around the world, in every sector. The passion of our members, volunteers and staff have led us to where we are today. We’re excited for what the future holds. Digital transformation, agile analysis, business data analytics, cybersecurity, business intelligence, business architecture, requirements management, business process management and strategy analysis – all embrace business analysis techniques, approaches, best practices, and mindset that have contributed to our growth and transformation over the past decade. The business landscape is changing, and business analysis is ready. As we’ve seen from COVID-19, business analysis has played a key role in supporting and guiding organizations in rethinking, refocusing, replanning, re-inventing, and aligning strategy and customer experience to remain competitive and successful in today’s economy.

Congratulations to all our 2020 awardees and to the Corporate Program team for their outstanding commitment to growing the program. 



Empower teams, create business impact

Adapt to market needs and enable teams to successfully drive business results through an organizational commitment to workforce up-skilling.


About The Author:
Kelly Frankhouser

Kelly Frankhouser is a senior management professional with over 25 years of experience in both IT and business, establishing and managing SDLC strategies, standards and practices covering various tenures in business analysis and project management. Prior to joining IIBA® in 2010, Kelly was a volunteer with the organization for four years and founding Board Member of IIBA Philadelphia Chapter.