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Business Analysis

Career Opportunities in Business Analysis

Take the next step in your career by exploring exciting opportunities in business analysis.
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3 Communication Tips for Business Analysis Professionals

Unlock the keys to effective business communication, tailored specifically for business analysis professionals.
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Business Analysis Community

Empowering Voices Through IIBA Publications

IIBA Publications offers a new way for aspiring authors to publish business analysis books.
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Unlocking the Power of Business Analysis with AI

By mastering prompt engineering, understanding biases, and maintaining ethical vigilance, business analysis professionals can unlock AI’s superpowers.
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Business Analysis Community

Analysis for Good, BRDs, and Machine Learning

Here are three key takeaways from the latest edition of Business Analysis Digest.
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4 Memorable Moments at BBC 2024

The BBC conference is a great way to stay current and connected with the business analysis community. Here are four takeaways from this year’s event.
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Business Analysis Community

Analysis Everywhere: Uniting the Business Analysis Community

In 2024 and beyond, Analysis Everywhere will spotlight the versatility, value, and far-reaching impact of talented business analysis professionals.
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Digital Transformation

4 Ways to Deliver Value with Business Analysis and AI

What is good business analysis in a world being changed by AI? Explore four ways to deliver value in this new landscape.
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This Earth Day, Embrace Change and Adapt

You can’t resolve complex environmental issues by yourself. To achieve meaningful progress, we must work together to change how businesses approach sustainability.
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The Analyst Catalyst blog is dedicated to the practice of business analysis and its professionals. Talented writers with a business analysis story to tell are always welcome to contribute.

All blog content should be original and not previously published or AI-generated/assisted. While we encourage a variety of voices and perspectives, below are some guidelines you may find helpful. 

Aim for between 600 and 800 words. Your writing style should be conversational, direct, and informative. A dash of humour always helps, but too much jargon doesn’t. 

Organize your content into sections to improve readability. Avoid overly long paragraphs and use bullet points sparingly. When including someone else’s work, credit that person or embed a link to the source (bonus points if you do both). 

When it comes to topics, your imagination is the only limit. If you want to narrow it down, we feel these resonate the most with readers:

  • Agile and Product Ownership Analysis 
  • Cybersecurity Analysis 
  • Business Data Analytics 
  • Careers (development, interviews, job hunting, resources, tips) 
  • Digital Transformation (AI, customer experience, open source, automation) 

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