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6 Levels of the Community Engagement Pyramid

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and may not reflect the perspectives of IIBA.

In a VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), communities of practice help you advance, upskill, and network your career. Climbing the engagement pyramid transforms you from a beginner to an expert through continuous learning, networking, and personal and professional excellence.

This pyramid is more than just a series of steps. It's a path of engagement filled with learning, networking, and personal development, designed to help you reach your highest potential. Members of IIBA’s India chapters follow the community engagement pyramid to build successful career paths and specializations. If you want to do the same, read more to discover the six levels of the pyramid.

1. Meetups and Webinars

Your journey begins with establishing clarity and confidence in your career direction. Attend meetups and webinars tailored to your interests, talents, and professional goals. At these events, you can meet like-minded individuals, share ideas, and gain insights from industry experts.

They offer your first taste of community engagement, providing relevant knowledge and inspiration to jumpstart your career.

2. Study Groups and Master Classes

With foundational skills in place, you can then move on to study groups and master classes, where the focus becomes more intense.

Facilitated by mentors and experts these sessions are designed for deeper engagement, offering advanced knowledge and strategies in your field. They help you organize your certifications and career path while seeking new opportunities.

3. Workshops

Once you’ve built initial connections, it's time to upskill through interactive workshops. These sessions are hands-on and practical, allowing you to delve deeper into specific topics and acquire new skills.

Facilitated by seasoned professionals, workshops provide an environment where you can ask questions, understand relevant topics, and experiment with new tools and techniques. They allow you to immediately apply real-life examples, which deepen your understanding.

4. Roundtables

As your practice grows, so does your role in the community. Participate in roundtables where you can discuss current challenges and trends with peers and experts.

These intimate settings foster reflective conversation, enabling you to contribute your perspectives while learning from others' experiences. Roundtables are pivotal for honing your ideas and influencing industry discussions.

5. Annual Conferences

Networking with industry experts, influencers, and decision-makers is the key to conferences. These events are grand gatherings of the brightest minds, offering keynote speeches, panel discussions, and breakout sessions that cover the latest advancements and future developments in business analysis.

Here, you can solidify your brand in the professional community, forge meaningful connections, and explore collaborative opportunities. For a full list of global events, visit IIBA’s website.

6. Communities of Practice

The pinnacle of the engagement pyramid is career growth through conversations with your connections. This helps to position your enhanced proficiencies with new opportunities.

Climb the engagement pyramid with support from a community of practice. Begin with meetups and webinars for clarity, then advance through study groups, master classes, and workshops.

You can also engage in roundtables and annual conferences for industry insights and networking, using career centres for job opportunities and specialization.

Through IIBA's community of practice, which offers resources for training, certification, and job finding, you can start elevating your career today.

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About the Author

Swami is a mentor, author, speaker, and servant (leadership), aiming to impact one million lives through holistic well-being. As IIBA India Chapter Advisor and founder of GCS, he unifies talents with opportunities. With over 30 years of experience in business and data analysis, IT processes, and product management in healthcare and life sciences, Swami integrates business and IT excellence. He holds CBAP, CPOA, CBDA, and AAC certifications from IIBA.

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