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Maturing business analysis into a vibrant capability with consistent execution

Through their Business Analysis Practice Centre working with the business analysis community, the business analysts contributed in Nedbank’s ability to turn market constraints into strengths by leveraging fundamental business analysis skills.



Nedbank Group offers wholesale and retail banking services as well as insurance, asset management, and wealth management. Nedbank’s headquarters are in Johannesburg, South Africa and the group employs 32,000 associates. Operating in a developing country with multi-faceted demographics including 11 official languages – where English is not the first language of many staff and customers - presented several challenges to delivering innovative customer experiences. Overcoming operating in a difficult macro economic environment made it challenging to align talent management and development of skills gaps to address digital transformation opportunities. 


Nedbank Limited

Industry: Finance
Location: Africa
Size: More than 2000 branches in 39 countries.

Company Bio

Nedbank Group is incorporated in the Republic of South Africa and offers a wide range of wholesale and retail banking services. As well as a growing insurance, asset management and wealth management offering.

Business Challenges

Fulfilling Nedbank’s mandate to deliver innovative customer experiences keeps their business analysis practices focused on continuous improvement. Working with the bank’s Learning and Development team the BA Practice Centre has aligned their business analysis roles and career paths with IIBA’s Business Analysis Competency Model and built their Business Analysis framework to align with the IIBA Guide to Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® Guide) and the Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide so that all business analysts across the organization are working within the same standards that are widely communicated through their community of practice and share that knowledge enterprise-wide.   

Business Analysts across Nedbank educate stakeholders, staff and partners on what business analysis is about. Recognizing the value of business analysis professionals to improving busines outcomes, Nedbank develops their business analysts to be key shaped to deliver better results. By focusing on whole-self competencies (on the left-side of the key) – those soft skills that make an individual passionate about business analysis, and in the middle of the key leveraging business analysis knowledge and expertise measured against the business analysis foundations including the six Knowledge Areas; initiative, strategy and delivery horizons; and the 74 techniques covered in the BABOK® Guide that essentially form the core foundation of business analysis roles. Completing the key-shape, on the right side of the key, Nedbank focuses on multiskilled perspectives and future-fit emerging perspectives such as design thinking, customer experience, digital and DevOps.  All the techniques that business analysts practice come together in this key-shape to cross-functionally support the business. 

The Solution


Nedbank’s leadership actively supported establishing a Business Analysis Practice Centre to support Nedbank’s 300 business analysis professionals. Through their IIBA corporate membership, Nedbank built their BA framework and based their roles and career paths in alignment with IIBA global standards for the practice.  

The Results

Every three years Nedbank works with an independent external audit firm to benchmark and validate their capabilities against IIBA standards and against their industry peers by measuring their practice centre maturity. The most recent benchmark performed by KPMG Services (Pty) Ltd, the South African member firm of KPMG International provided an objective assessment of Nedbank’s business performance. KPMG evaluated Nedbank’s BA Practice Centre as functioning according to a world-class practice and as a clear market leader in comparison to their industry peers. Through their Business Analysis Practice Centre working with the business analysis community, the business analysts contributed in Nedbank’s ability to  turn market constraints into strengths by leveraging fundamental business analysis skills, techniques and approaches using facilitation and collaboration to showcase the immediate value of business analysis to the entire organization. 


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