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AGM Information

Learn about IIBA's 2024 Annual General Meeting and Board Election. Find out more about participation, voting rights, proxy, and quorum.

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Meet the Candidates

Yarrow Diamond.png

Yarrow Diamond

Yarrow Diamond is an award-winning and industry-recognized executive leader in the areas of banking, financial services, business-to-business events, data, insurance, and real estate. She has managed significant operational budgets and capital expense budgets. 

A technology expert with a passion for management excellence, Yarrow leads global teams and targets opportunities to build consistent revenue growth. She has spearheaded digital and technological transformations with previous employers, resulting in operational optimizations, employee engagement, product innovations, and award-winning market share capture. 
Yarrow currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Technology Transformation for Informa Markets. During her first 90 days, she discovered the company was missing lucrative market opportunities. She facilitated cross-departmental workshops, developed a communication framework to enhance collaboration, enabled joint innovation labs/hackathons, and implemented an agile framework for product development. Within six months, the improved collaboration resulted in 28% faster decision-making.

Currently enrolled in the Doctoral Program at Purdue University, Yarrow is pursuing a Doctor of Technology degree. She has a Master of Science in Enterprise Architecture from Penn State University and a Bachelor of Science in Business IT Management from WGU. Yarrow has been a guest on the Intelligent Automation Podcast and a keynote speaker at numerous events, including Quantum Finance’s AI Summit, Women Impact Tech’s The Technologies You Didn’t See Coming panel, and Maximizing AI and SISO’s CEO Summit. She currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. 


Matthew Leach.png

Matthew Leach (Incumbent)

On his first day of work, Matthew Leach wrote requirements. This initial assignment began a career long passion for business analysis which continues to this day. Since that time, Matthew has held positions as a practitioner and a leader with several technology and consulting organizations. He is currently a Vice President at NTT DATA Services where he leads a global consulting practice focused on reimagining experiences, creating business agility, and improving project execution.

Throughout his career, Matthew has partnered with companies spanning industries as diverse as financial services, healthcare, and defense, among others. His constant focus is to better understand the operations as well as their customers of these organizations, while inventing business models and delivering solutions that delight both.

Matthew is a recognized authority on business analysis, project management, and agile practices with a focus on digital transformation. He is also a contributing author to the third edition of the IIBA’s Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®) and is the joint holder of a patent for the quantitative analysis of digital customer experiences.

Matthew holds a BS and MS Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Boston College.

He lives in Boston with his wife and children where he dreams of tennis and downhill skiing, while building Legos and playing with trains.


Dr. Terry Roach (Incumbent)

Dr. Terry Roach is the founder of Capsifi, a global software company that specializes in business architecture solutions.

Throughout his 20-year career in senior executive positions at global technology vendors (including IBM, Apple, PeopleSoft, and Oracle), Terry has worked on dozens of complex business transformation projects across North and South America and Asia Pacific. Frustrated by a lack of rigour in the description for business operating models, Terry was inspired to find a more comprehensive approach. His 2011 PhD thesis on semantic modelling has evolved into a comprehensive business architecture platform and innovative global software business. 

Originally from Zimbabwe, Terry lived in Botswana, South Africa, New York, and Brazil before making Sydney his home in 2001 with his wife Amanda and their four boys. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Rhodes University South Africa and was admitted to Mensa in the 99th percentile in 1986. He continues to pursue an academic research career, holding an Adjunct Senior Lecturer position in Computer Science and Engineering at University of New South Wales (UNSW). Terry is also on the curriculum advisory board for the School of Software at University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

IIBA Bylaw & Financial Statements

IIBA Bylaw

Bylaw number seven relating generally to the organization and the transaction of the activities and affairs of international institute of business analysis.


AGM Voting Results


IIBA is pleased to announce the results of the 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM) resolutions. Below are this year’s resolution results voted on by IIBA membership:    

• Resolution 2024-01: Elect two returning directors and one new director on the Board of Directors.
    • Yarrow Diamond 
    • Matthew Leach (incumbent)
    • Dr. Terry Roach (incumbent)
    This resolution was passed by a membership vote of 96%.

• Resolution 2024-02: Approve the reappointment of Grant Thornton as Auditor for the fiscal year 2024. 

   This resolution was passed by a membership vote of 96%.  

• Resolution 2024-03: Receive the Audited Financial Statements of IIBA for fiscal year 2023.   

   This resolution was passed by a membership vote of 96%.



An IIBA member in good standing on the day of the AGM is eligible to vote. If you are unable to attend the webcast you may still cast your vote through our online polling site, which is available for 48 hours following the close of the AGM. 

Poll opens following the close of the AGM and is open for 48 hours.

Results Posted: Results of the AGM vote poll are posted here by end of business day Friday, June 7.

The AGM provides IIBA the opportunity to report back to the Members with an update of the key activities of the association. As well, during the AGM we will ask for ratification of resolutions requiring Membership support and present the previous years' audited financial statements.

To ensure quorum is achieved, IIBA encourages all active members to attend the AGM webcast.

Voting will be conducted on a secure voting platform managed by IIBA. You will receive a voting email with a link within 30 minutes following the close of the AGM webcast.

Voting will be open for 48 hours after the close of the AGM. If you do not receive an email to vote and are a Member in good standing, please contact

You are only permitted one vote for each resolution on the ballot. 

Following the AGM, a membership vote is held for 48-hour period. In 2024, members will be asked to vote on the following three resolutions:

Elect board candidates to fill THREE POSITIONS on the Board of Directors.

Reappointment of Grant Thornton as Auditor for fiscal year 2024; and

Acceptance of the Audited Financial Statements of IIBA for fiscal year 2023.

Members who wish to appoint a proxyholder are requested to date, digitally sign and return the Proxy form.

If you are an eligible member and wish to provide your vote by proxy, please complete the online Proxy form.

Proxies must be submitted by 9 a.m. EDT on the day of the AGM webcast.


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